The Help Is On The Way Program focuses on women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer and who may be going through treatment.

We offer moral support to women who need someone that has experienced breast cancer and treatments. We are there to share experiences and encouragement to alleviate the fear and devastation women often experience when newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Through our “Buddy System,” we have volunteers who will go with women to their doctor appointments or meet with them after an appointment to help them understand the changes in their lives.

Through our referral program, we will provide names of other affordable resources in the community that are available for other services that Sisters Breast Cancer Survivors Network cannot provide.

An example of this service is the purchase of bras, aprosthesis, and wigs. Sisters will help women who need financial assistance with the cost of transportation to and from doctor appointments.

Periodically, we hold free seminars and workshops that cover topics helpful to newly diagnosed women and for those in treatment. We have a monthly support group meeting from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on the fourth Saturday of each month.

Please call Sisters at 323-759-0200 to get any of the services we offer under this program or to get more information about the support group meetings.

Sister's Circle
Via our network of caring members relief  is just a phone call away when you need someone to talk to.

Programs & Services

The services for these programs are maintained by volunteers, who may or may not be a breast cancer survivor.

Volunteers are dedicated and committed making a difference in someone's life and health.