Welcome to Sisters Breast Cancer Survivors Network


Sisters is dedicated to providing a supportive and nurturing environment in which women and their families are empowered with the knowledge and available resources that will enable them to make informed and educated decisions concerning their breast health care options.



About Us

Sisters Breast Cancer Survivors Network is a grassroots, multicultural organization that was formed in early 1994 by a group of nine African American women – all breast cancer survivors – who, together, recognized to lift the veil of silence in our communities regarding this disease.

The Sister’s organization specifically targets African American women in Los Angeles, Compton and Inglewood areas, who are socio – economically disadvantaged, single and head of the household.

The ages of the targeted women range from 40 to 80 years and the majority of them are either uninsured or underinsured. Based on a national survey, these are the women least likely to have regular scheduled mammograms.

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Our Programs

The services for these programs are maintained by volunteers, who may or may not be a breast cancer survivor.

Volunteers are dedicated and committed making a difference in someone’s life and health.